Welcome to the world of well-being!

Free and unlimited use of our Wellness Club contains:

  • Indoor heated pool
  • Jazucci
  • Finnish sauna
  • Infrared sauna
  • Steam cabin
  • Sauna pool

Please have a look at our wellness and beauty services. We hope that all of our guests can find something pleasurable and refreshing for themselves.

Indoor heated pool: depth 120 cm, temperature 30°C

Jacuzzi: temperature 36°C. During the bath the temperature of the body rises, circulation gets elevated, blood pressure falls. The quantity of oxygen and nutrients transported to the cells exceeds the normal amount several times. Hydromassage is recommended to ease problems of motoric or rheumatoid nature and also against stress and fatigue.

Finnish sauna: As a cause of elevated temperature (80-90°C) during sauna bathing blood vessels keep expanding and contracting, thus increasing the resistance of the body and facilitating detoxification. It has a beneficient effect for the heart and the circulation while it makes the skin soft as velvet. It tranqulizes our brain contributing to a deeper and more intense sleep.

Infrared sauna: The temperature here is around 35-60°C so it can also be used by those who are not fond of heat. In the infrared sauna we don’t just sweat through our sweat glands but through our sebaceous glands as well, so besides water we also extract fat, cholesterol and other fat-soluble toxic materials. This way, while using infrared sauna we don’t just lose weight but also get rid of toxins accumulated in our body.

Steam cabin: A great advantage of steam lies in its benefficient effect to skin. Moist heat stimulates surface circulation and deeply cleanses the skin by enlarging pores and removing dead epithelial tissue. This makes the skin clean, soft and smooth.